Coaching the Junior and Collegiate Golfer Certification Training

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Welcome to the online training program. You will learn a variety of valuable skills for coaching the mental game.


  • How to build a relationship with the parents of the junior golfer.
  • How to build a relationship with the junior golfer.
  • The key qualities of a good coach.
  • The seven most important issues for the Junior Golfer.
  • How to assess for the 8 traits of champions.
  • How to design goals and an action plan for success.
  • The underlying concepts and coaching methods to address the seven major mental issues for the junior golfer.
  • The key elements for a pre-shot routine.
  • How to coach the difficult student.
  • How to create high performance teams.



iBook Format

Download the version of the iBook that works best for you:  iBook for mac and iPad, or PDF file for computer and notepads.

Video Format

The entire course consists of 24 chapters and each chapter is a separate HD video. After you view the presentation, you can go directly to the next video chapter. At the bottom of this page you will see quizzes for each chapter.  If you want to take the short quiz for the chapter you can do so or just move onto the next video.  The final exam consists of questions from these quizzes and requires a passing mark of 80% to receive certification.

The information is presented in logical progression and I suggest viewing the videos in the order that they are presented.  The Table of Contents is as follows:

Chapter 1 Welcome and Introduction
Provides background information on Dr. Mann, testimonials on this approach to the mental game, and an overview of the course materials.

Chapter 2 Personal Prerequisites
This Chapter address the personal qualities and values that will help you create and sustain a successful career as a coach for the mental game.

Chapter 3 Core Issues for the Junior and Collegiate Golfer
Provides an overview of the core issues that will be addressed during the entire training program.

Chapter 4 Creating a Foundation for Success
Discusses how to establish and structure the relationship with parents and the young golfer in the beginning of the relationship. Intake documents and legal concerns are discussed. This is a great chapter about the real business of coaching the mental game.

Chapter 5 Assessment
Discusses the various areas for assessment in coaching the mental game. This chapter looks at social factors, academic performance, family dynamics, diet, exercise, and assessing inner life of thoughts and emotions.

Chapter 6 GolfPsych Test
Discusses the GolfPsych test which measures traits that have been shown to relate to championship play in tournaments on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour.

Chapter 7 Tools – Introduction
Gives an overview of the specific tools needed to coach the junior and collegiate golfer. These are the core methods that will be used throughout this training program.

Chapter 8 Meditation
Discusses the process of meditation as it applies to mental training for the junior and collegiate golfer. This chapter addresses how it works, the benefits for health and enhanced golf performance, and the actual techniques used in meditation.

Chapter 9 Yogic Breathing
Discusses a key breathing technique to manage emotions and the mind.

Chapter 10 Self-hypnosis/Deep Relaxation
Provides instruction on how to use self-hypnosis and deep relaxation to program the subconscious mind with positive self-talk and images for enhanced golf performance. A 15-minute audio program is included in this chapter for direct instruction.

Chapter 11 Inner Child Work
Teaches a process to facilitate changes in a student’s inner life in order to create mental strength, higher self-esteem, and a positive, never-give-up attitude.

Chapter 12 Visualization
Discusses the process of visualization and how to use for mental coaching. Various types of visualization are discussed as well its importance as part of the pre-shot routine.

Chapter 13 Applied Kinesiology
Explores the technique of muscle testing.

Chapter 14 Affirmations
Discusses the use of affirmations in programming the subconscious mind for a strong mental game.

Chapter 15 Research on Thought
Discusses two research studies on thought and relates the finding to the mental game of golf.

Chapter 16 Pre-shot Routine
Discusses one of the most essential aspects for the mental game: the pre-shot routine.

Chapter 17 Realistic Expectations
Discusses one of the seven key issues for Junior and Collegiate Golfers: Realistic Expectations.

Chapter 18 Focus and Concentration
Discusses methods to enhance focus and concentration.

Chapter 19 Perseverance and Personal Responsibility
Discusses two of the seven important issues for junior and collegiate golfers.

Chapter 20 Positive Belief About Self and Life
Discusses the important the methods for enhancing a positive self belief and positive attitude about life. This issue also relates to one of the Eight Traits of Champions.

Chapter 21 Self Worth Beyond Golf
Is a short chapter on the importance of having a core identity that goes beyond golf. It is important to have a balance life.

Chapter 22 Emotional Control
Discusses one of the seven key issues facing junior and collegiate golfers.

Chapter 23 Coaching the Difficult Student
Discusses what you need to do when deal with a difficult student/player. He/she may have a lot of talent and a lot of potential, but their personal issues are creating a problem for them and the team.

Chapter 24 Creating High Performance Teams
Discusses what you can do to create a strong, winning team. There is a special guest presentation on creating ownership by Coach Joe Taylor.

Course Materials

A number of digital downloads are included in this program. You can download the various books, documents, and audio programs in Chapter 1.


Coaching the Junior and Collegiate Golfer (Complete Advanced Coaching Course in iBook format.)
The Yoga of Golf
Bouncing Back: How to Recover When Life Knocks You Down

Audio Files

Chakra Meditation
Mindful Awareness Meditation
Self Hypnosis for Stress Release
Self Healing Guided Meditation
On Course Yoga Breathing Technique
Stress Reduction – Short Program
Find the Zone II: Master the Mental Game of Golf (2nd CD) zip file


12 Quick Snacks Suggestions

I hope you have fun with the course. Please contact me at if you have any questions along the way.

Best wishes,

Ron Mann

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