Improve your golf game with in-depth mental training that integrates mind, body, and spirit. Learn to increase your focus and concentration with advanced meditation and breathing techniques, learn course management skills, and improve your ability to overcome mental breakdown. Also, clear out old self defeating psychological patterns with self-hypnosis and guided meditation techniques. Lower your scores by 3 to 5 strokes.

I have over thirty years of psychological and advanced spiritual training in yoga and meditation. I am also a low single digit golfer. I am a certified GolfPsych® Instructor and use the GolfPsych® test in my work.  My approach offers a revolutionary way to approach the game from  a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective. Read about it here.  The honest reality is that you get the benefit of my thirty years as a clinical psychologist, along with my  other training as a highly skilled golfer and meditation/yoga instructor.

The average handicap has not gone down over the past thirty years, in spite of the superior equipment we have today. Why? Because most amatuer golfers do not work on their game! If you want to improve your game, work on mastering your mental game as well as your technical ability.

I specialize in helping golfers of all levels play their best. Golf is a very complicated game that requires both physical and mental skills. Most teaching methods focus upon the mechanics and leave out the most important aspect of the game: the mental/psychological aspects.

The golf swing is very reactive to one’s inner thoughts and feelings. In order to play at one’s best, the golfer needs to be focused, relaxed, balanced, committed, confident, positive, and emotionally stable.

Sports psychology offers the technology to obtain these goals and develop the mental routines to sustain peak performance.

Typically, negative thoughts, doubt, fear, emotional reactions, and the inability to sustain focus results in distraction and breakdown.

I combine the best of psychological approaches with yogic philosophy, meditation and breathing techniques which help the individual overcome those aspects in the mind and emotions that create fear, doubt, distraction and limited thinking: the precursors to performance breakdown.

Also, being a certified GolfPsych Instructor, he has access to the GolfPsych Test, which is the only validated psychological measure of one’s personality as it relates to Championship golf. Great professional golfers like Dave Stockton have used this method to become world champions.


  • Greater Self-Confidence
  • Greater Concentration
  • Greater Focus
  • Better Course Management
  • Ability to Recover from Breakdown
  • Greater Emotional Stability
  • More Positive State of Mind

Dave Stockton Golf Charity Event
Lee Brandon and Dr. Mann

Dr. Ron Mann’s enlightened research and views have provided me with the tools and techniques that have guided me in a direction of self-exploration and self-management; resulting in greater performance in the extreme pressure of competition.