Hear what others have said about Dr. Mann’s products and services.

A great source of information is his Digit Press Kit. You can see and hear directly from those who have worked with Dr. Mann.

“Ron, I have read a number of books during my career as a Head Football Coach. I opened up your book “Bouncing Back” and couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and shared it with my players as a must read book. The ability to COPE with challenges in our lives is the key to maintaining a high level of success. Your book truly reinforce the idea of its not what happens to you but how you respond. Congratulations on a job well done!”

Coaching the Junior and Collegiate Golfer is a powerful book about strengthening the mental game and self-mastery.  I have over 20 years of experience in physical therapy with kids and adults, athletes and dancers. I know how much the mind can affect the body for peak performance and recovery from injuries.  Fear, negativity, doubt, and lack of faith in oneself are the mental pitfalls that keep us all from being our best.

Dr. Mann’s book is filled with fantastic information to help anyone of any age gain a more positive mental approach to life and sports.  This book can help parents of young athletes gain better insight into their kids and learn the best approaches to support their athletic and personal development.  Coaches will find a depth of information to advance their coaching career and skill set.  I strongly recommend Coaching the Junior and Collegiate Golfer.

“Ron’s work is deep and wide. I think this online certification is a must for any age golfer who wants to use a more holistic approach to create a winning golf game.

My favorite chapter, Chapter 9. Yogic Breathing. A perfect breath exercise that allows you to step into the Peak Performance Focus Zone and smack that ball to the flag effortlessly.”

  “This is a must read for anyone wanting to enhance his or her coaching skills for the mental game of golf. It is comprehensive and goes deep into the issues that create mental toughness in competition. I plan to use this material in our mental golf coaching certification courses here in China.”    

Dr. Ron Mann’s enlightened research and views have provided me with the tools and techniques that have guided me in a direction of self-exploration and self-management; resulting in greater performance in the extreme pressure of competition.

Dr. Mann was a huge part of our success, and has been a great educator for the team and for me as a coach. I am thrilled to report that with Dr. Mann’s help, our team, which had not qualified for the National Championship since 1977, not only qualified, but also finished in 5th place. I would recommend him to any golfer that wants to explore some of the deeper mental aspects of golf in hopes to lower their score.

It is my honor to have been asked to write a letter and give a testimonial on behalf of my friend and colleague, Dr. Ron Mann.

For more than 4 months I have had the opportunity to interact closely with Dr. Mann in a business setting that required the best character traits a person was able to bring to the table. Over this period of time I saw Dr. Mann help, encourage and train fellow golfers with a style that is unparalleled. His methods of teaching are rare in the sense that he truly cares about the people whom he interacts with and sincerely cares about the quality of their life, on and off the course.

After only a few weeks of knowing Dr. Mann, it was soon obvious to me that Ron Mann wasn’t just someone I wanted as a professional acquaintance but I also wanted him as a friend. My life is always in need of an association with someone so textured, committed and genuine. The personal relationship I have with Ron has definitely blessed my life. I can only hope I can bless the lives of others in the way that Dr. Mann has blessed mine.

Dr. Mann has proven to be one of the most valuable assets Dixon Golf Inc. has. His dedication to our “Green Movement” has only added credibility and momentum to all of our initiatives.

Furthermore, Dr. Mann has a powerful writing style, unique ability to deliver a story and teach a lesson. His book “Bouncing Back” is in my top books for 2010- 2011 and a book that I recommend to all of my family, friends and acquaintances. It is a must read.

I am eager to have the opportunity to discuss with you the fine qualities of Dr. Ron Mann and how he has blessed my life and my corporation. Anyone so inclined is welcome to call me day or night at 480-239-1066.

I started working with Dr. Mann to improve my golf game, after listening to his CD’s.I quickly found that his expertise and experience was able to help me in many facets of my life and spiritual growth. His calm demeanor and insght has given me the ability and tools to deal with life’s uncertainties whether they occur on or off the golf course.

“Ron, I would like to say thank you very much for allowing me to have a copy of your book. Your book is awesome and it covers what I use and items that I wanted to incorporate with my team this year. I will no doubt be putting your book into practice with my team and hopefully it will put us in the right frame of mind when we need to be “In the Moment.”

Very impressive, cutting edge, informative and insightful! Your line of thinking is right in line with my views and I plan on being more definitive in my teaching the team now that your book is a resource.

I wanted to let you that I recently purchased your CD “Find The Zone”. I listened to it the other nite and took many notes. I played the other at my home course now, The Navy Golf Course at Seal Beach. I am a reserve in the navy. I played 7 previous rounds there and nothing lower than a 101. I had averaged 107 with all the scores. I took what notes I made from your CD and applied them the day I played. I went out there and blew all my stats away and also shot a scratch 87. I wanted to thank you for your time it took to make the cd and also teaching many things that I did not know. I truly believe in your teachings 100% plus. I recommend your CD to anyone that I know that plays golf.

I just finished reading “The Yoga of Golf” and I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly! I have always been a proponent of using ancient Eastern Traditions to learn a skill. I found that using the Yoga techniques you described in the book an excellent way to relax my body and train my mind/body to play the best golf I am capable of.

Just a short note to thank you for the copy of “The Zone.” I finally got the chance to sit down and experience it upon my return from Orlando. It is, unequivocally, the finest application of the mental side of this crazy game that I have listened to.

As we discussed, I particularly related to the mental image aspects of the tape. Like many, I am certain that a golfer must first “see” a shot in his mind before he can properly ad consistently execute it. Beyond that, the golfer must believe they can hit the shot. From a personal standpoint, I know that my mental image of the shot on a par three tee is much more vivid than on the other shots. While I still don’t know exactly why this is, I feel that this tape will assist me in taking this tremendous asset to the other swings.

“The Zone” will now be a part of my pre-round routine. By applying what I hear on the tape, it is now my hope to shave a few shots off of my total, but more impacting, maybe add a few years to my life! Again, thanks and ‘may the Zone Be With You!’

Hit ’em Straight,

Great golfers are simply ordinary people who continually put themselves in a learning environment and are willing to risk the “tried and not-so-true” in the face of unpredictable outcomes. Ron Mann’s Find The Zone is that kind of learning adventure. He presents the golfer with the opportunity to play freely and creatively and to explore new horizons which may give benefits beyond the game itself.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my enjoyment of the CD Dr. Ron Mann has produced. I have listened to and used the techniques covered in the CD. With these methods I have established a new outlook and approach to the game of golf. I have always been fascinated by the power that the mind has over the game. This CD and techniques included in it can benefit all levels of golfers.

I would highly recommend the CD and would like to give my endorsement on the product. I feel that this area of the game and the focus on controlling the mind is the next step of advancing one’s game.

Dr. Ronald Mann has done the impossible! He single handedly changed my golf game forever. As an entrepreneur, Investment Banker and co-founder of the worlds leading environmental golf company it is imperative that I command dignity and respect on the golf course as that is where 90 percent of my business is done. In saying that, I was hardly where I needed to be on the course until I met the honorable Dr. Mann. I was having difficulties with my putting game so I asked Dr. Mann to join me for a round of golf so he could analyze my putting stroke. Immediately he told me that I had the “yips” and that I should try using the “claw” grip. After him working with me on a few holes to my amazement I was draining puts like never before.

Although he’s a genius on the course, Dr. Mann’s true magic is off the course educating people on the most important part of game the “MENTAL” aspect. Dr. Mann invited me to attend one of his seminars at the prestige’s Gainey Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale AZ. where he is a member. After 2 hours of mental conditioning and learning how to find the “ZONE” I went out the very next day and took first place in a prominent Charity event, I was astonished! What I learned in that 2 hours of instruction could never have been learned on the driving range or even taking golf lessons from a pro. I encourage anyone who wants to empower their game to a level that they never thought possible to engage with the incredible Dr. Mann, I promise you it will be a “GAME CHANGER”.